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Frequently Asked Questions |

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How long will it take to set up payroll?

We work diligently to create a quick & painless transition. Our experts will transfer data from your current system or provider. We utilize your current records to efficiently transfer your data. In either case, just a few minutes of your time is needed. Typically, we will have you up and running within a week of your decision.


We're a small company with 8 employees, what's the advantage?

We are also a small, independently-owned company. You will find us much easier to deal with than the larger national companies. We are equipped to handle your company from start-up to whatever size you may grow. Small companies find it much more affordable and effective to outsource their Payroll & HR to us.


How much do you charge?

Due to our customized services, pricing depends on the services you choose. Our prices are all inclusive, you'll never get a "surprise" invoice for "additional services". We price our services to provide a bottom line advantage for your company. Our HR professionals will team with you to determine a service level that fits your needs and budget. Please contact us for more information at


Do you offer direct deposit?

YES. Direct Deposit is a great service to offer to your employees. Your employees may choose up to 10 different accounts for deposit. Pay Cards are also available to employees that do not have active bank accounts.


How do I report my payroll?

Simply log in to your password-protected portal. There, you may update employee status, enter hours, enter new employees, download detailed reports. Or just contact us directly. If you prefer, you may submit information via fax, phone, or email.


Why don't I have to pay Workers Comp deposits?

Our technology enables us to partner with insurance companies and submits premiums on a "pay as you go" basis. If you choose,  premiums will be paid each pay period.


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