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Payroll Simplified

Payroll Simplified l Accurate. Dynamic. Integrated.

Restaurant Payroll

Payroll Services 

At SourcePointeHR, we have been committed to offering the highest quality payroll and HR services to businesses of all sizes for over 20 years. Our team of certified payroll specialists is dedicated to providing exceptional service and delivering customized solutions to meet our client’s unique needs. With our comprehensive payroll and HR technology platform, you can have the utmost peace of mind that your business needs are taken care of.

SourcePointeHR provides payroll and HR solutions that optimize the process of payroll and HR management. Our services allow employers to focus on their core business while we take care of their payroll and HR administration needs, enabling you to free up time and money while ensuring accurate and timely payroll.

Our Full-Service Payroll and Human Resources offers a comprehensive, turnkey solution for companies of all sizes. We handle all aspects of payroll and human resources, from preparing paychecks and filing taxes to managing employee benefits and tracking vacation time.

Our experienced staff is knowledgeable about the latest regulations and can provide timely advice and guidance. We also offer a secure online portal where employees can access their payroll information and view their pay stubs and W-2s. With our full-service payroll and HR solution, you can rest assured that your business is compliant and your employees are taken care of.

Outsourcing Advantages

Not only will our team lessen the burden of payroll processing for your team, but we’ll also change the way you think about processing payroll by customizing a plan to streamline your company's distinct payroll, human resources, and benefits management processes.

  • Cloud-based

  • Real-time processing

  • Upload I-9 and W-4 documentation for new hires 

  • Warnings to alert you to possible payroll entry errors

  • Help menus embedded throughout the system

  • Ability to build unlimited custom reports

  • Single database integration of human resources, benefits administration, time & attendance

Payroll Reporting

You will gain real-time access to your company’s current payroll reports in our Dnet HCM platform.

You can access historical payroll reports and records at any time. Reports are stored in PDF format for easy retrieval and storage.

Standard payroll reports include the following:

  • Payroll Register, Payroll Summary with Cash Requirements, Department/Labor reports, Tax Liability Summary, Benefit Accruals, Check/Direct Deposit Registers, and many more

  • Dnet is prebuilt with hundreds of payroll reports. If your needs warrant additional reports, our Report Writer allows you to customize and build reports from any data element in the system. Here, you can combine payroll, human resources, and benefits data and report on all aspects of your workforce, with both PDF and Excel export capabilities!

Restaurant Payroll

Allocated Tip Reporting

At SourcePointeHR, we understand the complexities of managing restaurant payroll and HR. Our team is committed to ensuring that your restaurant remains in compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations. We specialize in payroll and HR services for restaurants and bars, where we can help with tip reporting, employee verifications, and more. With SourcePointeHR, you can have peace of mind knowing that your payroll and HR needs are taken care of.

Shortfall Reports

Our solution helps employers make sure their employees get what they deserve. Our shortfall reports identify any potential discrepancies in their payments, ensuring employers are in compliance and their employees are properly paid. Our high-quality payroll processing ensures employers never have to worry about being left in the dark.

FICA Tip Tax Credit Report

We understand the importance of accurately filing for tip credits. We'll make sure you receive the tax credit you deserve for the portion of FICA taxes you pay on employee tips. This can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings each year per employee! We guarantee accurate filing of the FICA tax credit Form 8846 using data already compiled in payroll. Plus, our team is always available to answer any questions and provide guidance throughout this process.

Tip-To-Minimum Validation
We understand that ensuring your staff is being paid the correct wages is a priority. That's why our payroll system is built to verify that all wages and tips comply with the minimum wage requirements. The system is designed to be accurate, efficient, and easy to use. With just a few clicks, you can quickly check that your staff is being paid the correct wages and tips. Avoid any potential problems and keep your staff happy. Our system is designed to make sure that your staff is getting the wages they deserve and that you are compliant with local and federal minimum wage laws. With SourcePointeHR, you can rest assured that your staff is being paid fairly and accurately.

Tax Management

SourcePointeHR is the premier payroll and HR provider, offering comprehensive services that make managing your payroll and taxation needs quick and simple. Our tax management services are unparalleled, providing employers in all fifty states the expertise to stay on top of the constantly changing tax laws, ensuring you remain compliant.

We offer 2 options  for tax filing services:

  1. Fully Outsourced Tax Management – With our fully outsourced tax service, payroll tax liabilities are debited and paid to agencies each pay period. CPS is responsible for the accuracy of all payroll tax returns.​

  2. Client-Managed Taxes– Tax liability reports are created and the client handles all tax deposits and returns. In this scenario, the client is completely responsible for creating the checks and tax returns to the proper authority.


The vast majority of our clients utilize our Fully Outsourced Tax Management services and understand the benefit of avoiding navigating the complexities of payroll tax rules on their own.

Direct Deposit

Let SourcePointeHR provide secure, convenient, and reliable direct deposit services for your business. Enjoy convenience, enhanced employee satisfaction, and reduced risk of lost or stolen checks.

Pay Cards

 Company Advantages:

  • Efficiently pay employees with instant issuance and funding

  • Reduce the cost of check production and distribution as well as lost or stolen checks

  • Build employee goodwill with this convenient, flexible benefit

  • Improve compliance by reducing unclaimed property reporting obligations


 Employee Advantages:

  • Immediate access to pay 24/7

  • Guaranteed Issue

  • Convenient acceptance of the card at millions of ATM locations

  • Ability to easily make purchases and pay bills online

  • All the features of a bank account without all of the cost.

Tax Management
Direct Deposit
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