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Employee Self-Service (ESS)

ESS gives employees the ability access their employment information with a few simple clicks on their computer.


Alleviate HR department tasks, saving time and frustration.

Optimize the payroll process by transferring more power to the employee. 

  • view pay stubs and pay rate info

  • update personal banking information, change/ add new accounts.

  • access their W-2s and W-4s. 

  • past employees access their information through their portal even after they have left the company.

SourcePointeHR ESS


Allow new-hires to fill out forms electronically inside the HR and Payroll system. Expediting the onboarding process, storing and securing these documents much more simple for the employer.

Time & Attendance

ESS makes tracking time and attendance easy for employees and managers. Employees can easily login to their system and clock in, clock out, submit timesheets, and view important time and attendance information, such as hours worked and leave balances, from anywhere at any time.


Employee self-service plays a large role in benefits administration by giving employees the power to view benefit elections and declined coverage. If an employee is recently married, has a baby, or experiences other major life changes, they can easily go into the system and make the appropriate changes to their benefits plan as needed. This can all be done on their computer without any assistance from HR.


Employee development is growing in importance within today’s workforce. A study by Gallup reports 87% of millennials say that professional development opportunities are ‘very important’ when applying for jobs. With that said, employee self-service can help drive professional development within any organization. Employees can easily be informed of, and enroll in, training courses and events. This ease-of-use increases engagement with internal training programs and will help develop internal talent.

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