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Payroll Simplified

Payroll Simplified l Accurate. Dynamic. Integrated.

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Payroll Simplified

Workers Compensation l Compliant. Competitive. Crucial.

Safeguard Your Employees & Your Bottom Line with SourcePointeHR

Our workers' compensation service is designed to keep your business compliant with the latest workers' compensation regulations while still being competitively priced.


Our “pay as you go” model allows you to pay premiums based on your current payroll instead of having to pay a lump sum in advance. This makes it easier to budget for and manage your worker's compensation costs.

  •  No Premium Deposit

  •  A+ Carrier Options

  •  No Annual Audits

  •  Custom Deductible Plans

  •  Complete Claim Management

  •  Risk Management

  •  Lowest Possible Rates

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