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About Us

In 2003, SourcePointeHR was founded on the principles of Trust, Service, and Innovation.  Over the years, we have teamed with hundreds of businesses to increase profits, limit liability, and focus on success. We are much more than a payroll service. We are an HR teammate.


In our view, Trust is the foundation of any true partnership. SourcePointeHR is annually licensed for your protection and confidence.  Our team is consistently held to high standards of experience, knowledge, and professionalism.


We also recognize that Service is critical to successful business partnerships. Our certified staff tirelessly works to make your life easier and your business more successful.  Our HR service experts will have an intimate knowledge of your company and your specific needs. We will never subject you to customer service call centers, delayed responses, layers of management, or unfulfilled expectations.


Through Innovation, expertise, and continued learning,  we continue to evolve. However, our focus remains on the most important aspect of our business  -  your success and satisfaction.


We are committed to the success and satisfaction of each client. Our mission is to offer the most personalized, expert, and affordable Payroll & HR Management available.


Experience the SourcePointeHR Advantage today.



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