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Human Resources l Protect your bottom line

Streamline Your HR Operations with SourcePointeHR

Even small businesses need an HR presence. There are a number of things that human resources professionals can do for a business that other employees just can’t. You’ll save time – and likely money – in the long run by using HR from the start.

Your Personal HR Team

A team of HR Professionals is always available to help with your day-to-day HR questions. You can call or submit questions through the online portal or via the telephone. 

Our team of HR Pros answers thousands of questions each year, on topics ranging from the Affordable Care Act and sick leave policies — to hiring, terminations, employee relations, and more. And when we say “unlimited,” we mean it. You can ask our team of certified HR Pros as many questions as you want, either online or over the phone.

Human Resource Information Software (HRIS)

SourcePointeHR's platform is a comprehensive Human Resource system that provides HR specialists with all of the tools to effectively manage and access critical employee data.

With all of the HR and Payroll data structured within one database, each group can perform their respective duties without the need for redundant data entry into separate systems. Our fully integrated approach offers increased efficiency while ensuring data integrity between the HR and Payroll systems.

Executive Dashboard

Our Executive Dashboard provides powerful analytical insight for executives to access on demand.

Graphs and charts display your choice of information in a format that is quick and easy to understand. Because iSolved HCM offers an all-in-one solution in a single database, your Executive Dashboard is a comprehensive workforce intelligence tool to manage your human capital.

  • Key performance indicators and metrics include:

    • Gender, Age, and Ethnicity Statistics

    • Hiring, Tenure, and Turnover Statistics

    • Payroll by earnings types – Regular, Overtime, Bonuses, Commissions, etc.

  • All KPI’s can be filtered and reported across your various organizational levels


Document Management

Our HR Document Management tools provide employers with a more efficient & secure solution for managing employee files.

We securely store records to meet retention requirements and protect documents from unauthorized access and other disasters that can threaten your business. You can easily locate files and spend less time and money on paper, printing, and file storage.

  • Eliminate paper personnel files and securely store all employee paperwork and data in one cloud-based system.

  • Provide employees online access to digitally sign required forms and view important company documents.

  • Protect sensitive information and documents by customizing user access levels.

  • Distribute company communications and policies via email using our platform


Performance Management

Performance Management helps you align the goals of your organization and workforce to maximize performance.

Standardize positions across the company with set pay grades and performance goals. Then streamline the performance review process with online facilitation of employee self-reviews and manager reviews.

  • Build a comprehensive library of positions with required competencies and salary grades.

  • Establish approval tiers and rating scales for the review process.

  • Allow managers to create performance reviews and review periods and track the status of reviews

  • Provide employees with the ability to access and electronically sign their reviews online.

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