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Company Advantages:

  • Efficiently pay employees with instant issuance and funding

  • Reduce the cost of check production and distribution as well as lost or stolen checks

  • Build employee goodwill with this convenient, flexible benefit

  • Improve compliance by reducing unclaimed property reporting obligations


Employee Advantages:

  • Immediate access to pay 24/7

  • Guaranteed Issue

  • Convenient acceptance of the card at millions of ATM locations

  • Ability to easily make purchases and pay bills online

  • Improved personal money management and monitoring

  • All the features of a bank account without all of the cost




A vital service to enhance your employee’s satisfaction is Direct Deposit.  It’s safe, reliable and convenient. 

Employees electing direct deposit is growing by almost 10% every year.  97% of those people are extremely satisfied with the service, and 3 out of 4 people who have the direct deposit option, use it. 


With this service, you and your employees can say goodbye to bank lines.  You can also split your paycheck into as many different bank accounts as you want.  Direct Deposit with SourcePointeHR is a benefit for you, your employees, and for the environment.

Call us today!  (251) 230-9025 

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