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Take control of HR.

Reduce expense, complexity, and liability with sound HR Management. 

  •  Licensed HR Expert Consultation

  •  Human Resource Software (HRIS) 

  •  Immigration Compliance (E-Verify)

  •  Unemployment Claim Management

  •  OSHA Compliance

  •  Time & Attendance Solutions

  •  Designated HR specialist

  •  Industry and state-specific compliance

HR Technology

Our robust Human Resource Information System (HRIS) allows immediate access and control of key information. Along with upper management, all employees are empowered by the efficiency of Fortune 500 type HR management tools.

Risk Management

Risk management is often reduced to merely avoiding employee injuries. While we always work to minimize workplace injuries, we also work to minimize other costly employer risks.   

  •  Employee Litigation

  •  State & Federal Labor Violations

  •  Immigration Compliance

  •  Affordable Healthcare Act (PPACA)

  •  Wrongful Termination

  •  Family Medical Leave Act - FMLA

  •  OSHA Documentation

  •  Unemployment 

  •  Workers' Compensation

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