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HR Technology l Simple Efficiency

SourcePointeHR offers a comprehensive solution for employers to protect their employees and themselves. Our Human Resource Information System (HRIS) ensures your company has immediate access to and control of key personnel information providing a secure, reliable, and efficient Fortune 500-type HR management tool. SourcePointeHR is designed to ease the workload of personnel and upper management teams.

  • A single source of data for all your HR processes

  • Automated workflows, approvals, and notifications

Paperless Onboarding l Eliminate new hire paperwork.

SourcePointeHR's Payroll Services electronic, paperless Onboarding solution is exactly what employers need to manage the process of onboarding new hires into the organization. Whether you are hiring employees occasionally or daily, you need the ability to automate the process, store electronically signed paperwork and policies, perform e-Verify and background checks, and send the information electronically to the payroll system. Our goal is to help employers eliminate the offline, manual onboarding practices of yesterday and move into the digital age.

E-Verify l Reduce your exposure to audits and penalties

E-Verify verifies the employee’s Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, to data from U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration records to confirm employment eligibility.

E-Verify compares the information to records available to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, including:

  • U.S. passport and visa information

  • Immigration and naturalization records

  • State-issued driver’s licenses and identity document information

  • Social Security Administration records.

Employment Screening l Hire with confidence

SourcePointeHR provides secure and affordable access to a web-based national criminal directory for employment screening and background checks.

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