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Smiling Payroll Manager sitting in office chair typing on computer.

World Class Solutions Local Reliability

Payroll that works for you.

  •  Guaranteed Payroll, Tax Reporting & Deposits

  •  Personal Service Representative 

  •  Reliable & Consistent Frontline Support

  •  HRIS Software Interface

  •  Anticipate and plan for regulatory changes 

  •  Eliminate the risk and impacts of fines & penalties

  •  Reduce HR management burdens 

Unlock Your Potential

  • reduced errors

  • reduced liability

  • enhanced security

  • time to run your business

  • SMART technology

  • streamlined operations

  • flexibility & efficiency

  • increased productivity

  • engaged employees

Simplified Payroll 
Take the hassle out of Payroll & HR with SourcePointeHR and experience the ultimate in convenience and reliability.

SourcePointeHR offers comprehensive payroll and HR services tailored to small and mid-sized companies.


We focus on providing an easy, accurate, and secure platform for clients to manage their Payroll & HR functions. With our online tools in conjunction with our expert team, you have access to systems only afforded by the largest companies. Contact us to get started today!

  •  Licensed HR Expert Consultation

  •  Human Resource Software (HRIS) 

  •  Immigration Compliance (E-Verify)

  •  Unemployment Claim Management

  •  OSHA Compliance

  •  Time & Attendance Solutions

  •  Designated HR specialist

  •  Industry and state-specific compliance

Zealous Customer Support
Get the personal attention you deserve. SourcePointeHR offers the highest level of personalized customer support. With your own dedicated expert ready to help, navigating payroll and HR issues has never been easier. 

We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients so that we can provide tailored and efficient services. Our team of experts ensures that all of your payroll and HR needs are met with the utmost care and attention.

Dynamic Employee Self-Service (ESS) allows employees to access critical employment information with a few simple clicks on a smart device.

Compliance & Risk Management
As a leading payroll/HR provider we develop innovative solutions to help employers across the country reduce risk and manage their employee-related costs. From automated payroll and employee benefits to applicant tracking and employee onboarding, SourcePointeHR offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to help employers get the most out of their workforce.

  •  Employee Litigation

  •  State & Federal Labor Violations

  •  Immigration Compliance

  •  Affordable Healthcare Act (PPACA)

  •  Wrongful Termination

Unified HR Technology
SourcePointeHR is the perfect choice for businesses looking for high-quality HR services backed by powerful secure technology. We provide access to a robust Human Resource Information System (HRIS), allowing fast access and control of key information, while everyone in the business is empowered by the efficiency of Fortune 500-type HR management tools.

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