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Payroll Expert

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Whether you have 5 or 500 employees you need an HR pro. We handle all the complex payroll and HR issues. 

Human Resources

Payroll that works for you.

  •  Guaranteed Payroll, Tax Reporting & Deposits

  •  Personal Service Representative 

  •  Reliable & Consistent Frontline Support

  •  HRIS Software Interface

  •  Anticipate and plan for regulatory changes 

  •  Eliminate the risk and impacts of fines & penalties

  •  Reduce HR management burdens 

The Advantage

Every business has competition.  However, more successful businesses consistently beat their competition by creating advantages. SourcePointeHR's experts help you maximize efficiency, empower employees, work smarter and focus on doing what you do best.

Simplified Payroll 

 Payroll continues to be the most commonly outsourced HR function for a reason.

Traditional benefits of outsourcing payroll 

  •  reduced errors

  • reduced liability

  • enhanced security

  • more time to run your business  


Modern benefits of outsourcing payroll = more value

  • improved technology

  • streamlined operations

  • flexibility & efficiency

  • increased productivity

  • engaged employees


Advanced Human Resources  

With our online tools in conjunction with our expert team, you have access to HR services only afforded by the largest companies. 

Empowered Employees

Give your employees the tools and knowledge to meet their human resource needs.

Working in a Sunny Office

Take control of Human Resources.

 Reduce expense, complexity, and liability with sound HR Management. 

  •  Licensed HR Expert Consultation

  •  Human Resource Software (HRIS) 

  •  Immigration Compliance (E-Verify)

  •  Unemployment Claim Management

  •  OSHA Compliance

  •  Time & Attendance Solutions

  •  Designated HR specialist

  •  Industry and state-specific compliance

HR Technology

Our robust Human Resource Information System (HRIS) allows immediate access and control of key information. Along with upper management, all employees are empowered by the efficiency of Fortune 500 type HR management tools.

Risk Management

Risk management is often reduced to merely avoiding employee injuries. While we always work to minimize workplace injuries, we also work to minimize other costly employer risks.   

  •  Employee Litigation

  •  State & Federal Labor Violations

  •  Immigration Compliance

  •  Affordable Healthcare Act (PPACA)

  •  Wrongful Termination

  •  Family Medical Leave Act - FMLA

  •  OSHA Documentation

  •  Unemployment 

  •  Workers' Compensation

Employee Self-Service (ESS) allows employees to access critical employment information with a few simple clicks on a smart device.

Payroll (ESS)

Alleviate HR department tasks, saving time and frustration.

Optimize the payroll process by transferring more power to the employee. 

  • view pay stubs and pay rate info

  • update personal banking information, change / add new accounts.

  • access their W-2s and W-4s. 

  • employees access their information through their personal portal (even after they have left the company).


Allow new-hires to fill out forms electronically inside the HR and Payroll system. Expediting the onboarding process, storing and securing these documents much more simple for the employer.

Time & Attendance

ESS makes tracking time and attendance easy for employees and managers. Employees can easily login to their system and clock in, clock out, submit timesheets, and view important time and attendance information, such as hours worked and leave balances, from anywhere at any time.


Employee self-service plays a large role in benefits administration by giving employees the power to view benefit elections and declined coverage. If an employee is recently married, has a baby, or experiences other major life changes, they can easily go into the system and make the appropriate changes to their benefits plan as needed. This can all be done on their computer without any assistance from HR.


Employee development is growing in importance within today’s workforce. A study by Gallup reports 87% of millennials say that professional development opportunities are ‘very important’ when applying for jobs. With that said, employee self-service can help drive professional development within any organization. Employees can easily be informed of, and enroll in, training courses and events. This ease of use increases engagement with internal training programs and will help develop internal talent.

Employee Self Service
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