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Payroll Expert

World Class Solutions. Local Reliability!

Let us handle all the Payroll & HR chores for you. 

Payroll that works for you.

  •  Guaranteed Payroll, Tax Reporting & Deposits

  •  Personal Service Representative 

  •  Reliable & Consistent Frontline Support

  •  HRIS Software Interface

  •  Anticipate and plan for regulatory changes 

  •  Eliminate the risk and impacts of fines & penalties

  •  Reduce HR management burdens 

Advance your Payroll and HR strategy with the power of SourcePointeHR.  Discover how we maximize efficiency, productivity, and peace of mind.

Simplified Payroll 

Payroll continues to be the most commonly outsourced HR function for a reason.

Traditional benefits of outsourcing 

  •  reduced errors

  • reduced liability

  • enhanced security

  • more time to run your business  


Modern benefits of outsourcing 

  • improved technology

  • streamlined operations

  • flexibility & efficiency

  • increased productivity

  • engaged employees

Advanced Human Resources  

With our online tools in conjunction with our expert team, you have access to HR services only afforded by the largest companies. 

Empowered Employees

Give your employees the tools and knowledge to meet their human resource needs.

  •  Licensed HR Expert Consultation

  •  Human Resource Software (HRIS) 

  •  Immigration Compliance (E-Verify)

  •  Unemployment Claim Management

  •  OSHA Compliance

  •  Time & Attendance Solutions

  •  Designated HR specialist

  •  Industry and state-specific compliance

Employee Self-Service (ESS) allows employees to access critical employment information with a few simple clicks on a smart device.

Customer Support

Get the personal attention you deserve.  Direct contact with your dedicated in-house expert is standard! An experienced Payroll/HR expert will be your advocate from day one.  Consistent collaboration builds an intuitive understanding of your particular needs and expectations.

Compliance & Risk Management

Risk management is often reduced to merely avoiding employee injuries. While we always work to minimize workplace injuries, we also work to minimize other costly employer risks.

HR Technology

Our robust Human Resource Information System (HRIS) allows immediate access and control of key information. Along with upper management, all employees are empowered by the efficiency of Fortune 500-type HR management tools.

  •  Employee Litigation

  •  State & Federal Labor Violations

  •  Immigration Compliance

  •  Affordable Healthcare Act (PPACA)

  •  Wrongful Termination

  •  Family Medical Leave Act - FMLA

  •  OSHA Documentation

  •  Unemployment 

  •  Workers' Compensation

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