EOY 2017: Evaluate. Review. Reward.

Payroll Checklist


Human Resources and Payroll Operations

Set specific and measurable indicators to evaluate the efficiency of your HR & Payroll operations.

Indicators should include:

  • Function How many payroll checks were corrected in 2017?

  • Adaptive How time consuming and/or difficult was it to update changes?

  • Controls Were employee benefits terminated/added on schedule?

  • Reporting How easily can management generate reports to evaluate labor costs?


Tips for conducting employee reviews:

  • Schedule a time in advance to meet with your employees one-on-one.

  • Prepare ahead of time. Consider feedback from coworkers/customers.

  • Meet with the employee to discuss how they performed to their stated goals.

  • Criticism should be made in a manner of setting development goals.

  • Allow your employee to speak and provide their own feedback


Businesses often give out bonuses based on:

  • Achievement of stated goals

  • Overall company’s performance

  • The number of years an employee has worked with the company

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